We forget years and remember moments. Instead, let's create memorable moments that matter!

Don't ask what the world needs. ...

Ask what makes you come alive and then go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive!

Spend a week re-energizing and being inspired in a lovely medieval town in Europe with like-minded women. Escape. Breathe, Unwind...

Travelling for me is an immersive, spiritual experience. I feel it's important to get connected with the people and the places I stay. I want to be grounded in the history, the culture, the cuisine, to savour with all the senses and feel at home away from home.

The Live Inspired Getaway is exactly that!


August 15 - 23, 2020

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Save the Dates August 15 - 23, 2020. Details for Summer 2020 will be released soon!!

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The Live Inspired Getaway is more than travel, it is an opportunity to transform. These are retreats for busy women, who may be at turning points in their lives, who want to escape, re-energize, connect with like-minded women, discover possibilities within and create memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

All who attend come home revitalized, with a clear sense of who they are being and what is most important to each of them. During the retreat we include daily journaling and mindfulness exercises.

I incorporate some coaching exercises as well (Future Self and Life Purpose visualizations). 

We review a book together, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. Our conversations are meaningful and rewarding. 

The combination of coaching, fun, adventure and camaraderie is the perfect recipe for Connection and Empowerment. 

What Retreat Participants

have to say!

Arcot Riemer

Collingwood, ON

"I enjoyed the retreat and spending time with like minded people. I learned more about myself . I travelled on my own and found I could manage independently quite well.

It is a very nice area and peaceful.

Maura is a good coach and helps you find things about yourself that you may not have considered."

Lise Gravel

New Liskeard, ON

Exploring the possibilities of deep personal growth in a medieval village was incredible.

Signs of renewal at many levels was evident while walking along the streets of the old village, while exploring a mystical chateau and cathedral, a few caves and cluseaux, chatting with local, proud artisans.

I would recommend a retreat led by Maura for anyone searching to explore and to deepen their possibilities and personal growth .”

Wellness, empowerment and creativity make my heart sing! I help women become radically healthy,

feel truly alive and live inspired every day. I look for the women who resonate with me, who want to be their best, to help others and have fun doing it. I invite them to be more more, do more and have more and squeeze every juicy drop out of life!

Who is Maura Joy Lustig?

Co-Active Life Coach, Team Builder, Artist, Art Coach, Retreat Leader

As a Transformation Coach and Artist I am able to see the potential in others and share it with them. I take a stand for what is possible for them and hold the space for them to grow. I let them know there is no failure, there is only good better best and every day is a fresh start:)

I have the clarity and certainty that come from being guided by my core values and principles.

I influence by holding myself accountable for my actions and impact and by being my authentic self. I love to teach and engage by telling stories and using humor.

I watch, listen, ask questions and pour greatness with ease and grace. I am not perfect, but I know who I am being and I am excited at who I'm becoming. I help others discover what holds them back and acquire the skills and tools so they can step into their own power. 

As a leader, I keep my focus and redirect the conversation lovingly to help the individual or the group when needed.

My Background:

Hons. BA, Languages, Queens University

Corporate Communications Diploma, Seneca College

Landmark Forum, Basic and Advanced Seminars

Certified Financial Planner Diploma, CIFP

CTI Fundamentals Course Diploma

CTI Leadership Program

BEAbove Leadership Program (Neuroscience)

Attended art conferences, retreats, art exhibits in the USA, Canada, France.

Attended leadership/personal development seminars, conferences